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Large and Rapidly Growing Markets that are Moving Humanity Forward

Companies at a Glance

Orbit Fab

Lux Semiconductors

Proteus Space





Bright Uro


Proton Intel



Supply Factory


Our Investment Philosophy 

Climate AI


ABOUT: ClimateAI is a cloud native, machine learning platform that performs better climate prediction to improve supply chains of enterprises

STAGE: Series-A AI-Deep Tech

 Himanshu Gupta (CEO & Co-Founder)



ABOUT: Low-cost, high cadence return from space 

STAGE: Pre-Seed Space Tech

Justin Fiaschetti (CEO & Co-Founder)

Orbit Fab


ABOUT: Offers a supply of satellite propellant in Earth orbit that expands the operational potential of new and existing assets  

STAGE: Seed A2 Stage SpaceTech

Daniel Faber (CEO & Co-Founder)

Lux Semiconductors

ABOUT: Lux is developing a system-on-foil, next-generation circuit board that enables miniaturized and flexible electronics

STAGE: Seed-Stage Dual-Use 

Shane McMahon (CEO & Co-Founder)

Graeme Housser (CTO & Co-Founder)

Bright Uro

ABOUT: Wireless urologic sensing system for those with lower urinary tract symptoms such as urinary incontinence, prostate issues, and neurogenic bladder

STAGE: Seed-Stage HealthTech 

FOUNDER: Service-disabled owned, Veteran-led company


Derek Herrera (Founder & CEO)

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran


ABOUT: Phalanx automates data security to mitigate data loss from breaches, insider threats, and accidental spillage

STAGE: Seed-Stage Cyber Security  

FOUNDER: Veteran-owned and led company


Ian Garrett (Founder & CEO)

U.S. Army Veteran


ABOUT: Tradespace is a platform enabling leading innovators to develop, manage, and commercialize their IP portfolios.

STAGE: Seed-Stage Dual Use

Alec Sorensen (Founder & CEO)



ABOUT: ProtonIntel is building the first real-time, continuous potassium monitoring wearable, allowing clinicians to treat and manage kidney disease patients more safely and precisely. Life-saving treatments that cannot be deployed when patients have dangerous K+ levels today will be unlocked for safe and optimal use.

STAGE: Seed Stage

Sahan Ranamukha (CEO & Co- Founder)



ABOUT: Adaptyx is an aptamer-based molecular switching company with an innovative microneedle sensor patch that can simultaneously detect multiple metabolic health markers.

STAGE: Seed-Stage Life Sciences

Vijit Sabnis (CEO & Co- Founder)


ABOUT: florrent is a minority-owned, Massachusetts-based company innovating to create the next generation of high energy density ultracapacitors from hemp biomass grown regeneratively by BIPOC farmers. florrent ultracapacitors will stabilize electrical grids and address critical bottlenecks for the adoption of renewable energies, electric vehicles, and electric buildings.

STAGE: Seed-Stage Dual-Use Sustainability  

Jose LaSalle (CEO & Co-Founder)


ABOUT: Arcee strives to enhance the AI landscape for businesses, elevating their experience and propelling innovation. By offering DALM and seamless integration, Arcee empowers enterprises to harness the full potential of domain-adapted LLMs, enabling them to drive transformative innovation in their operations.


Mark McQuade (CEO & Co-Founder)

Supply Factory


ABOUT: Supply Factory is a CPG platform that leverages the power of sports and entertainment to drive above-market growth into profitable, niche brands that target minorities.

STAGE: Pre-Seed 

Keenan Beesley (CEO & Co-Founder)

U.S. Army Veteran



ABOUT: AgileDD is a platform that helps organizations extract structured data from large volumes of technical documents to facilitate data-driven decisions. Agile can conduct this process either in the cloud or on-premise, and it involves a human-in-the-loop, who doesn't require coding experience, to increase the trust in the system. 

STAGE: Pre-seed AI 

Amit Juenja, Ph.D. (CEO)

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