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Large and Rapidly Growing Markets that are Moving Humanity Forward

Our Investment Philosophy 

Climate AI


ABOUT: Cloud native, machine learning platform that performs better climate prediction to improve supply chains of enterprises

STAGE: Series-A AI-Deep Tech

 Himanshu Gupta (CEO & Co-Founder)

A.M. Money


ABOUT: A.M. Money is a student loan company that offers a healthier approach to financing higher education. Their mission is to ensure that financial challenges do not prevent students from completing college and pursuing their careers

STAGE: Seed Stage

Daniel Rogers (Founder)

U.S. Army Veteran



ABOUT: Low-cost, high cadence return from space 

STAGE: Pre-Seed Space Tech

Justin Fiaschetti (CEO & Co-Founder)

Moth + Flame


ABOUT: Provides immersive Virtual Reality learning experiences to enterprise scale customers across a range of verticals  

STAGE: Seed-Stage SaaS Company

Kevin Cornish (Founder)

Orbit Fab


ABOUT: Offers a supply of satellite propellant in Earth orbit that expands the operational potential of new and existing assets  

STAGE: Seed A2 Stage SpaceTech

Daniel Faber (CEO & Co-Founder)



ABOUT: Provides local governments with single, reliable, safe and digital platform for seeking and providing public input through polls and surveys. 

STAGE: Seed-Stage SaaS 

Nick Mastronardi (CEO)

U.S. Air Force Veteran



ABOUT: B2B all-encompassing SaaS platform for the solopreneur

STAGE: Pre-Seed B2B SaaS company

FOUNDER: Veteran-led company

Sam Cook (Co-Founder, CEO)

U.S. Army Veteran

Lux Semiconductors

ABOUT: System-on-foil, next-generation circuit board that enables miniaturized and flexible electronics

STAGE: Seed-Stage Dual-Use 

Shane McMahon (CEO & Co-Founder)

Graeme Housser (CTO & Co-Founder)

Bright Uro

ABOUT: Wireless urologic sensing system for those with lower urinary tract symptoms such as urinary incontinence, prostate issues, and neurogenic bladder

STAGE: Seed-Stage HealthTech 

FOUNDER: Service-disabled owned veteran-led company


Derek Herrera (Founder & CEO)


ABOUT: Phalanx automates data security to mitigate data loss from breaches, insider threats, and accidental spillage

STAGE: Seed-Stage Cyber Security  

FOUNDER: Veteran-owned and led company


Ian Garrett (Founder & CEO)

U.S. Army Veteran


ABOUT: Tradespace is a platform enabling leading innovators to develop, manage, and commercialize their IP portfolios.

STAGE: Seed-Stage Dual Use

Alec Sorensen (Founder & CEO)


ABOUT: Civitech develops technological infrastructure that enables organizations to recruit people to run for office and then enables candidates and advocacy organizations to manage their campaigns from one central platform.

STAGE: Series-A

Jeremy Smith (Founder & CEO)

U.S. Army Veteran



ABOUT: Eliminates the login page via authenticated accounts 

STAGE: Pre-Seed

Robert Thelen (CEO & Co-Founder)

U.S. Air Force Veteran

Zeno Power


ABOUT: Zeno is building the next generation of radioisotope power systems (RPS) that provides always-on, resilient power for years at a time without needing maintenance or refueling. 

STAGE: Series-A

Tyler Bernstein (Co-founder & CEO)

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